Top 6 Online Casino Music Themed Slots

People have all types of taste in music and there are tons of different music themed slots to choose from. I have put a list together of music themes that I enjoy playing; it is quite a variety so it caters for all music fans out there.

Jimi Hendrix

One of the greatest guitarists of all times who is still a cult hit today, Jimi Hendrix shows us what he is made of in this slot machine; it has a variety of his best hits on a rotating basis. It starts off with an animation of Jimi Hendrix playing on Voodoo Child on his infamous Olympic white Fender Stratocaster guitar. I heard a few of his other big hits like Foxey Lady which gets you more than excited to want to continue playing this slot.

Michael “King of Pop” Jackson

The King of Pop is back once again to show you not only how to dance but how to win big in this music themed slot machine. Michael Jackson delivers on so much hype as you delve into more of his songs the more times you win. These catchy tunes will make you want to play for hours and you probably will without realising. You will hear classics like “Beat It” and to “Dirty Diana” because you will feel dirty for winning so much.

Guns N’ Roses

They are one of the most iconic rock bands in the world and need no introduction. I had no clue that I needed a Guns N’ Roses slot machine until I came across this beauty. You can choose between five of their all-time classics like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” that will keep you keep you on your feet dancing and rocking out for hours.

Dolly Parton Slot

I did not lie when I said this would be for everyone who enjoys music. We had the King of Pop so why not list the always beautiful Queen of Country Dolly Parton. An absolute icon all over America, whether you get unlucky or not she will motivate you to continue. She has built up her reputation in entertainment. You can choose between thirteen of her top songs with lyrics or without lyrics depending on the mood you are in from “Heartbreak Express” to “Jolene”. This slot machine will surely get everyone around you singing along. It really gets you in a great mood no matter how you were feeling beforehand.


This is definitely one of the weirdest and a fun American rock band to follow. They formed in 1973 and are still rocking cities and shaking concerts. Kiss will get you off your seat and dancing to the music; it is highly interactive with one of their concerts playing in the background while you play this slot machine. You will feel immersed; it will feel like you are enjoying a concert with friends instead of playing a slot machine. You will be rocking out to Kiss classics like Detroit Rock City.

Elvis Top 20

I listed the King of Pop and the Queen of Country but no list is complete without the greatest rock and roll star in history, Elvis Presley. The man with killer charm and deathly dancing moves gets idolised in this great tribute of him playing his greatest hits with great pay-outs and catchy tunes, this is slot machine will be a favourite for any Rock N’ Roll fan out there.