Jeff Jolly Band

Do you want to rock? Or maybe you prefer some blues? How about some soul? Jeff Jolly got it all! Hooks, lines, chords and down home blues. This band can groove!! I really dig me some good music and this is the type of sound I'd find myself pumpin' in the summer baby...Jeff Jolly has definitely spent the better part of his years honing his craft. Beautifully crafted guitar licks and simple but wonderfully explicit lyrics bring the down home folk style deliveries exploding to your ears. A lazy guitar player he is not. This man can let loose some licks, be it on an acoustic or an electric axe, my man can make the guitar sing to you sweetly. I really appreciate true talent and a sense of when to and when not to take it overboard. The pockets are in the right spots and the riffs reverberate with a confidence I have not heard from many guitarists in my time! The Jeff Jolly band is a delight to the ears and a truly soulful experience.

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Standout Tracks: Big Sky, Mama Said, She's Leaving (All Good!!!)

June 2005