Robert Murphy

Raw Material
Review date: May 2001

1999 KBA Award Winner
Achievement for Blues on the Internet
Presented by the Blues Foundation

"Raw Material" may be the title of this particular CD but by the sounds of the CD Jeff Jolly has plenty of raw material to work from. I like CD's that demonstrate a bands diversity, and this CD's twelve tracks certainly cover the spectrum from Byrds and Eagles style folk rock, to early Steppenwolf style rock and roll, to melodic blues, some heavy rock & roll, and a moody instrumental thrown in for good measure. Lots of diversity makes for an interesting musical experience. The CD opens up with 'Be With You', a folk song with "Byrd's" style guitar, Dylan lyrics but with better singing. This is followed by 'Movin Out', a medium rocking number. 'Talk To Me' has some overtones of old "Steppenwolf" rock and roll throughout the song including the vocals. This song would be lots of fun in a club setting. 'She's Leaving' could be described as a slow blues ballad. This is not a grinding blues but more of a melodic blues with some tasty electric guitar riffs. 'The Ride' has an early "Eagles" country rock vibe to it, both vocally and musically. 'Living Without' is a solid heavy rocker. '#80' is a live studio track and another rocker. I assume it was a fun almost jam take in the studio but it has plenty of energy and is a fun song to listen to. 'Daddy's Girl' reaches back into "Chuck Berry" territory. and 'Last Call' is one of the most interesting songs on the CD, an instrumental with moody guitar, trumpet and keyboard work throughout.

Bottom Line: A wide ranging musical excursion with plenty of styles to choose from. Good production, musicianship and vocals. I liked the CD overall. I give it three stars.

Boff Music
P.O. Box 471625
San Francisco, CA 94147-1625

Guitar and vocals - Jeff Jolly
Bass - Gary Davidson
Drums - Danny Montgomery
Piano - Mike Emerson
B3 Organ - Howard Wales
Background Vocals - Twanna Turner, Flip

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