A beautiful day, the perfect venue. Thousands of tripped out Harleys with their tripped out riders and honeys. That set the stage for a great session by the Jeff Jolly Band. The 20th Anniversary Redwood Run kicked off on Friday, the 13th of June. The party was held at the natural theater on the Kiwanis Riverview Ranch set along the Eel River near Piercy, in the northern end of Mendocino County, California. The band got the crowd going doing their soundcheck around 5 PM and everyone was getting hyped up for the show. A couple warm-up acts set up the crowd for some real music. JJB obliged them instantly when they cranked it up about 6:30. They had a huge stage to spread out on and everyone was grooving on the space. An excellent sound system filled the canyon and swept out to the steep hill full of grooving bikers that was about 50 yards out from the stage. The large area in front of the stage was filled with bikes and beer-n-balloon carrying bikers and babes who were obviously enjoying the tight, driving tunes that the JJB was laying down. Everyone was in fine form. Phil Wood joined on trumpet. The most memorable tunes were a righteous "Shotgun", with Twanna hittin' it hard, an exquisite "S.R.V" with Jeff going off, cooking solos from everyone on an extended "Big Sky", and Jeff's superb encore of "Mama Said". Twanna, Desiree and Sharron got called on stage by Elvin Bishop during his set and got the crowd howling with their special brand of background vocalizing. The rhythm section was a solid, driving force, and Kevin, Mike, Bob and John all tore the place up. We had to leave after Elvin's fine set and get ready for the Oyster Festival gig the next day in Arcata. Sorry to have missed the wet t-shirt contest on Saturday and the Band, who didn't show cuz of some problems with the Japanese authorities... r lee...the jazz underground...khum