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"Live" was recorded over a period of nine days at the Cafe Chesterfield in France. and contains 15 songs recorded in a variety of styles from acoustic folk to rockin blues/rock. Jeff Jolly says he is influenced by Bob Dylan, Hendrix,Tom Petty, and of course Stevie Ray Vaughan, however this CD leans towards the Bob Dylan/Tom Petty end of things, including a cover of Dylan's 'Tangled Up In Blue'. The remainder of the songs are by Jeff Jolly or Kevin Haapala who also plays in the band.

'Movin Out' is an uptempo song, which reminds me a bit of late 60's rock & roll. It has a late 60's california sound similar to Jefferson Airplane or similar bands. 'Frequent Flyer' reminds me of a mix of Dylan and Tom Petty. 'Long Distance Love' is a medium tempo song, not quite a shuffle, but close with some rockin guitar leads. I'm sure this one comes across better live than on CD, based upon the audience reaction on the CD. There's some nice guitar work here, particularly the volume swells during the lead guitar break. 'Be With You' is solidly back into Dylan territory as far as style. This one could be done in a one guitar, one vocalist situation quite easily. 'Drivin Me Crazy'is good old rock & roll in the Chuck Berry/Rock-a-Billy mold with a bit of agressive Texas guitar sound thrown in. Again, I'm sure that this song kicks butt in a live situation. 'She's Leaving' is a slow song, about guess what....a girlfriend/wife leaving. It has bluesy elements to it, but never falls into that cliche slow blues groove. 'White Line Fever' opens with a country feel and mixes Dylan with a country feel. 'Been Long' is a solid rock & roll song with boogie woogie groove. 'Tangled Up In Blue' is Jeff Jolly's cover of Dylans song. He does a good job, along with "in my opinion" providing slightly better vocals. 'Loan Shark' returns to that California 60's sound again. It has a tinge of old "Blues Project - Live at the A-go-go" feel. 'Talk to Me' is another rocker, with a funky beat but with that clean late 60's sound again. 'Big Sky' opens with a 60's psycadelic feel to it, which leans one to think of early Jefferson Airplane or free form Doors. 'Mama Said' finishes up on Bob Dylan territory.

Bottom Line: A wide ranging musicial excursion with plenty of styles to choose from. Good production, musicianship and vocals. If you like Dylan or Tom Petty, you should like this release. Even though it was recorded live, the production didn't get too heavy on the audience mix. Sometimes, that really intrudes on the sound quality of a live recording to the point where it detracts from the listening enjoyment. I liked the CD overall. I give it three stars out of five.

Guitar and vocals - Jeff Jolly
Guitar and vocals - Kevin Haapala
Bass and vocals - Marten Ingle
Drums - Danny Montgomery

July 2005

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